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Trying to date vintage Shalimar and navigating e Bay to find a bottle of the version that you prefer might seem, at first glance, to be an exhausting, frustrating, and complicated ordeal.

Guerlain had many different bottle designs, particularly for the parfum (like the “urn, “rosebud,” or “umbrella” bottles) and each one was in use for several decades, but I know of no Guerlain fragrance of any kind that came with batch codes prior to 1976.It’s one of those things where the learning curve is initially steep but then, suddenly, it becomes much easier and one can (almost) whip through the many e Bay listings to single out the bottles which fit your precise parameters.So, today, we’ll spend quite a bit of time on the bottle designs for vintage Shalimar, their history, their appearance, their packaging, their differences, and the methods used to try to date the bottles.The Pochet ones seem, comparatively speaking, to be more common, and I think I may have come across a few of their “bat” bottles, usually from things that are estimated to be 1960s or 1970s in age.After looking at numerous bottles from various decades for both Shalimar and other Guerlain fragrances, I have a few thoughts and impressions but, in all candour, I don’t know how accurate they are.

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