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A layperson, and not a very important one, he may have come for the same reason many still come to Rome today during a papal election: concern for the ...

continue reading San Enrique II fue un rey aleman y emperador del Sacro Imperio Romano Germanico entre el ano 1014 y 1024; asimismo ha sido el unico emperador declarado santo por la Iglesia Catolica.

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Two days into his service, John fell ill and required hospitalization.As his troop continued, he stopped in at a church where he prayed.There he met a young man who volunteered to return him to his group, but instead led him deep into the mountains where military deserters met. He used the name Jerome Vincent and opened a school for the nearby village of Les Noes' children.Many danced and drank on Sundays or worked in their fields. Vianney spent much time in confession and often delivered homilies against blasphemy and dancing.Finally, if parishioners did not give up dancing, he refused them absolution.

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