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Purchases made by family members are found on the “Purchased” tab within the App Store, or i Tunes music store.

You don’t to download them; but they are available if you are interested.

I was able to share my location from i Message from the i OS8 device to the i OS 7 device, but could not share it the other way around.

Not all that intuitive Many families have been using multiple Apple devices in the home prior to i OS 8.

After entering the password for Chippy’s Apple ID, the song finally downloaded.

This seems like a lot of steps; it would be a lot easier if the song downloaded automatically upon the parental approval.

Save Money: Buy an app/song/book once, and let the entire family use it With family sharing, you can buy an app on your i Phone, and family members can then download the same app on their i Pod or i Pod touch. So, if your daughter downloads a new song on her i Pod, you can download it onto your i Phone.

It does work the other way around though; on the i OS7 device I downloaded a free game (and had to ask to buy, so that does still work).This is great for keeping the family schedule in sync!Add Bobby’s dentist appointment and Susie’s soccer practices to the calendar…no more excuses such as “I didn’t know I had practice today!Family sharing allows you to share purchases among family members, use a shared photo library and family calendar, and easily share your location so you can find each other on a map. Here are some of the pros and cons of Apple Family Sharing.Family sharing also allows for the creation of Apple ID’s for those under age thirteen. Create an Apple ID for children under 13 tied to the parent account Previously, kid’s devices either had to use a parent’s Apple ID, or you had to skirt the issue and fake a birthday when creating an account.

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