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The Sentry, The Break, Love and Money (last 3 all ABC) Feb 1959: Hot Summer Night (ABC), Ernie Barger is 50 (ABC), No Fixed Abode (Granada), Rock-a-Bye Barnie (A-R), The Judge's Story (A-R) Mar 1959: The Fabulous Moneymaker (ABC), Sunday Out of Season (ATV), No Deadly Medicine (BBC), The Skin of Our Teeth (Granada) Apr 1959: The Woodcarver (BBC), The Secret Agent (ATV), Odd Man In (ATV), The Trouble with Benny (ABC), The Shadow of the Ruthless (ABC) Parole (ABC), Family On Trial (A-R), A Bit of Happiness (Granada- note: this exists in their archive) May 1959: A Phoenix Too Frequent (ATV), The Fortrose Incident (BBC), Dark Possession (BBC), Bellweather Nine (A-R), A Touch of the Sun (ATV), Hand in Glove, Till Death Us Do Part, Girl on the Beach, Wedding Day (last 4 all ABC) June 1959: The Haven (ATV), All You Young Lovers (BBC), The Wild Bird (ATV), The Model Marriage (ABC), A Kind of Freedom (A-R) July 1959: The Grandma Bandit (ABC), A House of His Own (ABC), Mark of the Warrior (A-R), Sugar In The Morning (Granada) Aug 1959: A Small Revolution (BBC), Shadow of a Pale Horse (Granada), Armchair Theatre double bill: 1) Black Laughter 2) Double Exit (ABC), Lysette (ABC) The Midnight Family, One a Penny, Two a Penny, The Hungry God (last 4 all A-R) Sept 1959: Our Best for Harry (A-R), Worm in the Bud (ABC), The Silk Purse (Granada) Oct 1959: Light from a Star (ABC), Thought of Tomorrow (ABC), The Blood Fight (Granada) Nov 1959: Street Scene (BBC), Our Miss Hammond (ATV), The Rebel and the Soldier (ABC), The Manor of Northstead (A-R), Engineer Extraordinary: Brunel (TWW) Dec 1959: Sweet Poison (Anglia), Maigret and the Lost Life (BBC), The Three Princes (BBC), Cinderella (BBC), Echo from Afar (BBC), The Turn of the Screw (A-R), A Man Involved (ATV), The Last Tycoon (ABC) Jan 1960: Never Die (BBC) Incident (A-R), Lord Arthur Savile's Crime (ABC), Misfire (ABC), Where I Live (ABC), Cold Fury (ABC) Feb 1960: Night Panic (ABC), Come In Razor Red (ABC), Fiddlers Four (Granada), Song of Louise in the Morning (A-R), A Holiday Abroad (ATV), The Tip-Off (ATV) Mar 1960: Journey's End (BBC), Parasol (BBC) Decision at Nine (ATV), Stop on the Way (ATV), China Doll (ABC), Roman Gesture (ABC), A Leap in the Dark (Granada), At Home (A-R) Some Talk of Alexander (ABC), The Birthday Party (A-R), Breakaway (A-R), The Trap (Anglia), Master of Arts (ABC/ Southern), Petrushka (TTTV) April 1960: Meeting with Johnny (BBC), The Boy Who Carried a Torch (BBC), The Empty Chair (Southern) May 1960: The Elder Statesman (BBC), Hay Fever (ATV), The Big Night (ATV), Lucky Strike (Anglia), A Moment in the Sun (A-R), The Ostrich (A-R), A Phone Call for Matthew Quade, Nest of Four, On the Spot, (last 3 all ABC).

June 1960: An Arabian Night (A-R), The Unquiet Spirit (ATV), The Big Wheel (ABC), Flag Fall (ABC).

ABC made a total of 373 plays, though the series did continue under ABC's successors, Thames TV. (Feb 11th 67), 7.5 Easier in the Dark (Feb 25th 67), 7.6 Reason for Sale (Mar 4th 67), 7.12 I am Osango (Apr 15th 67), 8.5 Love Life (July 29th 67), 8.6 The Education of Corporal Halliday (Aug 5th 67), 8.10 Split Level (Sept 2nd 67), 8.11 Poor Cherry (Sept 9th 67), 8.15 The Wind in a Tall Paper Chimney (Feb 10th 68), 8.16 The Scallop Shell (Feb 17th 68), Armchair Mystery Theatre: 1.1 Eye Witness (June 5th 60), 1.6 Flight from Treason (July 10th 60), 1.9 False Witness (Aug 7th 60), 1.13 The Dummy (Sept 4th 60), 2.1 Time Out of Mind (July 19th 64), 3.4 Man and Mirror (June 13th 65), 3.13 Ask Any Neighbout (Sept 19th 65). He's actually the famous painter Simon Kendall, who knows his "time is running out." A bevy of press surround the pub, where his family descends, though it transpires he'd been trying to escape from them.

There were also 34 additional plays in Armchair Mystery Theatre. Armchair Thriller: 1.2 England My England (Apr 29th 67), In the Name of the Law (May 67), A Very Fine Line (Mar 68). There's his pompous son Edmund (William Mervyn) a politician, and his drunken daughter.

Out of This World was a brief but quality ABC sci-fi series.

Sadly some idiot wiped nearly all of the fourteen stories, leaving unlucky thirteen missing, and but one for posterity.

Another to help is Nurse Judith (Ursula Howells), a widow, who also responds to his ramblings.

She has to, so do we, "I want a new heaven, a new earth." Yet another caller is Leo, the dealer who agrees to sell all Kendall's remaining paintings, currently estimated to be worth around 150,000. More relevantly, Simon can't remember where they are. What the author is struggling to say, the loneliness of dying, is all too trite and obvious, not to say sad.

The "dreadful noise" of a trombone practising in the background a lot of the time just adds to our depression.

The talk is all of Marguerite (Ann Todd), once a shop assistant, now "dressed like a princess," moving amongst wealthy admirers, a duke, a count and the wealthy Arthur de Varville (Douglas Wilmer). But in the best melodramatic tradition, she is prey to a degenerating disease and her sombre private moods contrast with the gaiety of her public profile.

Her tragedy is summed up when she poses the hopeless question to her lover, "what happiness can I bring you? Further, she is in debt, Arthur will pay them off, so will the count, but the price will be Armand's estrangement, and she cannot face that.

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