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For many viewers, this may be the first they have ever heard about Winehouse’s eating disorder.

As well-documented as her struggles with alcohol and drug addiction were, the tiny little fact of her severe, untreated, decade-long eating disorder was rarely mentioned.

Eating disorders fall in line with what society expects of a celebrity—we love thinness so much, yet we know we’re supposed to be repulsed by the of achieving that thinness—it's easier to scrutinize their lifestyle or their partying than ever examine the toll of staying under a certain weight.

In a voiceover during this sequence, the singer’s mother Janis Winehouse recounts the moment a young Amy tells her mother about discovering a great new "diet"—eating and then vomiting—that allows her to eat without gaining weight.

Their brief relationship came to a finish when Bowman flew home - but Winehouse has now turned her attention to a sports instructor, who works at the hotel she stayed in before moving to a private villa, according to U. newspaper The Sun A source tells the publication, "Amy has met another chap and they are getting on really well. He is another clean-cut, handsome, healthy bloke - much like Josh." Winehouse is rumoured to be divorcing husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who was jailed last year (08) for causing actual bodily harm and perverting the course of justice.

Meanwhile, the star has also been doing her best to endear herself to fellow holidaymaker, allegedly splashing out ,000 (GBP10,000) in one night on food and drinks for guests.

When her thinness was mocked in the media, it was almost always with the implication that .

If her puffy face was ever evaluated—and it was, because every aspect of her physical appearance was eviscerated during the height of the media’s obsession with her—it was through the lens of someone looking for signs of alcohol addiction (which commonly causes bloating in the face) and not signs of self-induced vomiting.

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