Aquarius dating a libra

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It’s never a dull moment between these two sun signs for they each bring a multitude of ideas to the bedroom.

He is experimental and will try anything to heighten the mood, and she is usually along for the ride.

Even though he is often logical in nature, it’s not unusual for the Aquarius male to consider all options of an issue and choose the least popular one.

He finds it often leads to a new adventure, while it confuses his Libra partner.

He doesn’t want conventional love, which keeps any partner on their toes.

That being said, it's important to take note that two of the three Air signs, Gemini and Libra, have symbols representing a dual nature.The Libra woman enjoys a good debate and he likes giving one, and they can go back and forth for hours discussing a variety of topics.The Aquarius man opens her mind to new and exciting ideas and she helps him to catalog his thoughts.And this is where the fun really begins, for she excels at mind games and he matches her step for step.The Aquarius male enjoys fantasies and mental foreplay and she returns his playful spirit.

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