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v=6ob3o R_Frhk) (in Russian) and in [this blog post]( (also in Russian). Installation============Step 1------Install [Redis]( Step 2------Install django-qrauth: pip install django-qrauth Step 3------Open your templates directory and add the following templates: qrauth/invalid_and qrauth/For example:**qrauth/invalid_code.html** Invalid QR code Step 4------Open your root urlconf (the module is specified in the ROOT_URLCONF setting) and include the URLs used by the qrauth application: urlpatterns = patterns('', # … )Configuration=============You may also want to set a custom expiration time.Miller has one older sister and two younger brothers.Jameson, who has been on a media whirlwind tour promoting her new book, Sugar, has appeared dazed and confused on television interviews, has had a complete meltdown on the Opie & Anthony show, and recently went back to her old career of pornography, despite having declared 5 years ago that she would 'Never, ever open her legs on camera again.It is a dictionary of keyword arguments that are passed to the redis.Strict Redis class when initializing Redis connections.

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The name of Amber Nichole Miller or Amber Miller is nothing new to many of you UFC fans, for sure she used be an octagon girl with the UFC, but she is also the current girlfriend of MMA fighter Tito Ortiz.36-year-old Amber Nicole Miller was born on December 5th, 1977 in Denver, Colorado, her family eventually moved to Las Vegas in her Teen years, but while in Colorado and while she was still a five-year-old she began her path into modeling, Amber appeared next to Olivia Newton John on the Disney Channel, but Amber took a break from modeling and took it back at the age of 16.Ortiz has since moved on with new girlfriend, former UFC ring girl, Amber Nichole Miller, and the two have been making the rounds with public outings and plenty of photos from Miss Miller's Twitter and Instagram accounts.I think being able to watch them fight makes you want to watch their fights.Each QR code is valid for 300 seconds (5 minutes) by default.If you want to change this behavior, change the value of AUTH_QR_CODE_EXPIRATION_TIME setting. For example: AUTH_QR_CODE_EXPIRATION_TIME = 600 # Ten minutes If you want to specify the page where the user should be redirected after successfully signing in with a QR code, you have to set the URL using the AUTH_QR_CODE_REDIRECT_URL setting.

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