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In addition to the regular slate of plenary speakers, workshops and smaller breakout sessions, new opportunities to reflect and share ideas for discourse were provided on three levels: No doubt the thinking about how Bahá’í scholarship influences the life of society will continue to evolve, as will the ABS’s role in encouraging intellectual efforts inspired by Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation.Counselor Daniel Scott, commenting at the close of the conference, pointed out that even within the Bahá’í community, these efforts to generate and apply learning go far beyond the realms of academia and professions.

Those involved in these learning processes have always been advised to avoid the extremes of rigidity on one hand and of rejection of structure on the other.

And understanding has grown deeper “gradually as they translated those concepts into action.” Scholarship by Bahá’ís continues to play a key role in advancing the Faith’s body of knowledge.

And Lample urged broadening the definition of scholarship “to think about the intellectual work of the Faith in its widest sense.” For instance: A pre-eminent need in Bahá’í scholarship, he said, is to gradually build a framework built on “constructive habits of mind” that keeps our learning process balanced.

And the gathering added momentum to the idea of an evolving conceptual framework, “a matrix that organizes thought and gives shape to activities.” Several presenters evoked that framework in talking about how Bahá’í principles influence the ways they think, talk and interact within their arenas of service.

In addition, the July 24 letter influenced the very structure of the conference.

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