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"It's sort of like the cattle drive in old Western movies," said Schlamme, "where we see how all the cowboys came together." "One or more of us could have taken a bullet," Spencer acknowledged last June. We were all supposed to panic and drop as we heard the shots." ...

"Aaron had started playing with the idea of an assassination attempt months before," said Mr. or that weren't going to care." Quite the opposite.

"I want people to like the show," he explains, "this one in particular . It'll be nice to actually get past that, a little bit, and just into the meat of the show." ... 7 election date looming, Americans should be engaged in a full-fledged debate about social security, "which is terribly important. Sheen mentioned that his character, President Bartlet, ends up in the hospital.

In fact you'll hear about it in the show (tonight)," and on other issues, such as gun control and abortion, says Sorkin. After a quick gasp from the cast and audience, Sheen put his hand to his mouth. "And to see what happens at a White House when shots are fired at a president is fascinating, and I know it's something we'll deal with. Every time it seemed to me that (the story) would have a chance to go in an obvious way or an indulgent way, he always surprises me with the unexpected and the realistic.

"Leo," says Schlamme, "is the one who realizes that 'if we could motivate this guy, he could be an extraordinary President'." says, "If you're in the real world, you're going to think, 'God, I hope he's not vulnerable.' To not deal with this issue would be a mistake." Another intriguing part of the season opener: "There are flashbacks to before we were part of the team," [ The USC women's volleyball team will make its television debut tonight, Oct.

4, on the season premier of "The West Wing." The two-hour premier will air on NBC at 9 p.m. In preparation for the 2000 NCAA Championship, the Women of Troy will be crowned national champions by the cast, crew and viewers of the Emmy Award-winning show.

It's a very ambitious episode, the most ambitious we've done. During the dark days of Bartlet's candidacy, Toby Ziegler (Richard Schiff) counsels his man to tell Iowa [New Hampshire] farmers the unpleasant truth about their federal subsidies, a la John Mc Cain.

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It's a style of storytelling that really appeals to me. Oh, and one more thing: there's a downed fighter pilot in Iraq. What they will say, though, is that the episode includes flashbacks detailing how the Administration came to be.Instead Bartlet fires all his other advisers, who have counseled him to fudge the issue. Yet by doing it we get to do this incredible two-parter which is the finest piece of writing I've ever read, ...They're better than anything we did last year." - of the assassination debate.

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