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NET Framework 4.5 may have multi-line text boxes improved to no longer insert extra line breaks. If a page takes a long time to respond, it will significantly degrade server performance just by pressing F5 on the browser.

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Ideally, code should be fixed to not modify lists while enumerating their elements because that is never a safe operation. NET Framework 4.6) does not allow an IL ret instruction in a try region.

If the IIdentity argument is a Claims Identity object, and the Actor property of that Claims Identity object is not , the Actor property is attached by using the Clone() method.

In the Framework 4.6.1 and earlier versions, the Actor property is attached as an existing reference. NET Framework 4.6.2, the Actor property of the new Claims Identity object is not equal to the Actor property of the constructor's IIdentity argument. NET Framework 4.6.1 and earlier versions, it is equal. NET Framework 4.6.1 and later versions, the path separator character has changed from a backslash ("") to a forward slash ("/") in the Full Name property of Zip Archive Entry objects created by overloads of the Create From Directory method. NET implementation into conformity with section of the . ZIP archives to be decompressed on non-Windows systems.

NET Framework 4.6 or later, so another option is to target a previous version of the . The recommended alternatives are Protect(Byte[], String[]) and Unprotect(Byte[], String[]). NET Framework 4.0, extra lines were inserted between lines of a multi-line text box on postback, if using the Anti Xss Encoder. NET Framework 4.5, those extra line breaks are not included, but only if the web app is targeting . NET executes requests with the same Sessionid sequentially, and ASP.

Alternatively, the build warnings can be suppressed, or they can be avoided by using an older compiler. NET Framework 4.5Be aware that 4.0 web apps retargeted to . NET always issues the Sessionid through cookies by default.

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