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Brennan Pursell - former Neo-Paganist; Anne Margaret Nilsen - JH in Scandanavia(2012-0319); Mark Kurowski - former United Methodist Pastor; Fr.

Randy Musselman - former Baptist (2012-0709); Mark Lenaghan - former IRA member (2012-0716); Jennifer Fulwiler - former Atheist (2012-0723); Fr.Bernadette, Pricess of Lourdes () , The Making of Juan Diego () return to Links list Miracles, Saints with Incorruptible bodies () Padre Pio Miracle Man English Movie() St. Patrick - The Irish Legend () Magdalena: Released from Shame () Bl. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, Online Studies (founder: Scott Hahn) Catholic Biblical Association of America Bible Society of South Africa return to Links list The Gospel of John full and with subtitle() Jesus of Nazareth Full Movie 1977(); Jesus of Nazareth Full Movie HD() Life of Jesus Christ Full Movie 2014 HD(); Life of Jesus Christ 2013() The Jesus Movie 1979(); Jesus Film () Constantine and the Cross () The Ten Commandments 2007 Full HD movie () David and Goliath () Joshua at the Battle of Jericho () The Book of Esther () , Queen Esther: One Night with the King () The Book of Ruth () , The Story of Ruth () Creation and Miracles part 1 () Creation and Miracles part 2 () Creation and Miracles part 3 () Creation and Miracles part 4 () Creation and Miracles part 5 () Creation and Miracles part 6 () Creation and Miracles, Past and Present (Full length) () , Creation and Miracles - The Final Edition () return to Links list Catholics Come Home: Young People Stories (videos); Your questions about Catholicism: The Eucharist and the Mass, The Church and the Papacy, Mary and the Saints, The Priesthood, Scripture and Tradition , The Sacraments, Salvation, The End Times and Last Things, Moral Issues, Confession; 5 reasons to come home ( Catholic Faith in daily life language ( Credible Catholic: 7 Essential Modules - 1. Benedict Groeschel - Life-long Catholic (2007-0409); Fr.Francis Assisi Movie() Paul the Apostle Movie() Songs of Bernadette Part 1 (), Part 2 () St. The Story of Kateri Tekakwitha(); Kateri (Tekakwitha)(English subtitle)(), Kateri (EWTN interview of producer)() St Bakhati (English subtitles): Part 1(), Part 2(), Part 3(), Part 4() St. Donald Calloway - former Episcopalian (author - No Turning Back: A Witness to Mercy); Fr.Kevin Vost - former Atheist (2011-0214); Brian and Barbara Lilly - from Canada (2011-0221); Jeffry Hendrix - former United Methodest Minister (2011-0228); Tom Peterson - former secularist (2011-0307); Matt Swaim - former Methodist (2011-0314); Matthew Fradd (in Canada) - revert (2011-0321); Wes and Kelly Baker - former Nazarenes (2011-0328); Michael Matthews - former Baptist Minister (2011-0404); Brian Robbins - Convert from Judaism (2011-0411); Joshua Johnson - former United Methodist Minister (2011-0425); Open Line: Gary Michuta (2011-0502); Teresa Tomeo - Revert to Catholicism (2011-0509); Fr.Brad Sweet - former Baptist (2011-0418); Mike Carlton - former Presbyterian (2011-0523); Nancy Groom - former Presbyterian via Reformed Church (2011-0531); Fr.

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