Christian dating a non practicing christian

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God never changes, and just like in the Old Testament, He still wants His people to avoid romantic relationships with people who don’t worship Him.Therefore, although it may be tough to hear, it’s probably best to avoid dating boys who aren’t Christians.Planning a Christian funeral is never an easy thing to do. This practical and spiritual guide is designed to alleviate some of the burdens and offer steps to help you plan your loved one's Christian funeral service.​First, before making any plans, ask family members if your loved one left specific directions for their funeral. Oftentimes family tension adds to the stress during an already emotionally burdensome period.If the service is at a church, you will want to speak with the person responsible for coordinating the funeral to go over details, such as arrival times, flower arrangements, audio and visual needs, reception arrangements, etc.If the service is at a funeral home, they will work with you to coordinate every detail. It is recommended to leave the emotional elements for the end of the eulogy.The staff of the funeral home will expertly guide you through the process, from legal documents, preparing an obituary, choosing a casket or cremation, and every element of the memorial service and burial.

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For we are the temple of the living God.” (2 Corinthians -16)God warns his people not to form strong bonds with nonbelievers for a reason.The person you choose to officiate will have a large part in shaping the overall dynamics of the funeral service.As a Christian, keep in mind this important detail when planning the funeral service.He wants His children to stay focused on Him and He knows that relationships with nonbelievers can become a distraction.Throughout the Old Testament, God became very angry when His people married outsiders because the outsiders always prayed to idols and foreign gods, which became a distraction.

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