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Importantly, the identity of the commenter is disclosed and anonymous commentary is not allowed.

This mitigates potentially harmful commentary, since the individual is disclosed and will have to stand by their remarks.

Reputation is the single most important factor for developing a sustained career in the sciences.

Even for scientists who voice the above concerns, when asked if they might be tempted to behave in such manners they immediately respond “no.” In fact, in some instances, poor quality/irreproducible work might be spotted by the community and corrected before reaching final publication in a journal.

Back to Index bio Rxiv is a server just for biology, while Peer J Preprints hosts preprints in biological sciences and also computer science.

The physics and mathematics server ar Xiv also has a section for quantitative biology.

Back to Index Commentary is not part of the ar Xiv server.

However, commentary has been introduced to bio Rxiv.

We currently have included a question on whether authors want commentary and what type of commentary on our recent ASAPbio survey.Back to Index Poor quality publications, irreproducibility, and scooping are already issues with our journal system, but there is no current evidence that the situation will worsen with preprints.Most of these (with the exception of human research) have been tested with physics research and have not come to pass with ar Xiv; nor is there any indication that these problems are surfacing in biology preprints.We are tracking the policies of both funders (including NIH, HHMI, Wellcome, MRC, HFSP, CZI, CIHR, Simons, EMBO, Helmsley, Cancer Research UK, & BBSRC) and universities that have considered preprints in assessment processes (including UC Davis, NYU, UCSC, UT Austin, and the Rockefeller University).Back to Index In the present day reward system, journal publications play a major role in funding and promotions.

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