Consolidating debt with td

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The Green Mortgage makes you eligible for a 1% discount off the posted interest rate and up to a 1.5% cash rebate when you make ENERGY STAR qualified purchases or the purchase of CSA approved solar panels.The High Ratio Mortgage allows you to buy a home with a down payment of as little as 5%.Choose a payment option that works for you, whether you pay at your own pace with interest only payments on the variable rate portion, or establish regular fixed payments through our Fixed Rate Advantage Option.If you do not want to use your home as security, then a Personal Line of Credit option gives you the credit you need for your home renovation and repair projects.For purchasing a vehicle, (up to 5 years old), these loans are secured against the vehicle and allow you to pay it off with fixed regular payments.Because it is secured with the vehicle, you may get a lower rate than if the loan was unsecured.

Using your home as security may result in a lower interest rate compared to other credit products.This variable rate changes whenever TD Prime Rate changes You also have the option of protecting yourself from interest rate increases and establishing regular fixed payments though a Fixed Rate Advantage Option (FRAO)FRAO means you can convert all or a portion of your outstanding balance to a fixed interest rate with fixed payments for a specific term.Below you will find current TD Bank's posted 5-year fixed and variable mortgage rates.TD's Six-Month Convertible Mortgage is a six-month mortgage with the option of converting to a longer closed term at any time at no cost to you.The 5% Cash Back Mortgage applies to TD's six-year fixed-rate residential mortgage, whereupon TD will give you cash in an amount equal to 5% of the mortgage principal, up front.

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