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One of the features of a database is the ability to relate objects to each other. If that is the case, i OS requires that you generate a model revision.

This will provide an automatic path for current users of your app to upgrade into the new model.

This file is very important when we perform core data migrations.

Now lets dig in “App Delegate.swift” file and discuss about code.

v=3IDfg ATVq Hw Xcode provides a Data Model view to manage core data objects.

Selecting on the provided *.xcdatamodeld file opens the Data Model view in Xcode.

It's time to take your Core Data skills up a notch: we're going to add a second entity called Author, and link that entity to our existing Commit entity.

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An indexed attribute is one that is optimized for fast searching.The steps listed in the above graphic are generally the steps you use on a new Core Data app. The result of the above steps is then: We use this Graph view as a visual representation of the Table View, pictured on the previous step.i OS provides quite a bit of boiler plate code for you to use in your application.In order to do so efficiently, quickly and without risking a loss of data, we have an abstracted layer on top of this file management layer. The Obj C blog [12] created graph of a simple Core Data setup: To frame our discussion, let's discuss terms used when implementing Core Data: Let's move on by working with Core Data in Xcode. Luckily, Apple makes it easy to begin by providing project templates that include all necessary pieces you need to begin working with Core Data.Just make sure to have the "Use Core Data" checkbox selected.

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