Cymbalta activating or sedating

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Much has been written lately about an “epidemic” of opioid overdose deaths, in some cases advocating for a blanket reduction in the availability of prescription opioids.Regrettably, many readers will not penetrate beneath the sensational headlines to grapple with the complicated realities of this issue.But the contribution of prescription opioids in pain patients is tiny, and even the number of deaths is over-blown.Why do we ignore the 88,000 alcohol-related deaths that occur every year?We cannot reduce drug overdose deaths by denying relief for the agony of millions. 3D CRT: Three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy? The largest contributing factors in drug abuse are not medical prescriptions.

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Take them away, and you may contribute to a wave of suicides and a surge of people seeking street drugs out of desperation.

As recently explained in by neuroscience journalist Maia Szalavitz , “Opioid Addiction is a Huge Problem, but Pain Prescriptions Are Not the Cause.” As Szalavitz points out, “efforts to reduce opioid deaths will fail unless we acknowledge that the problem is actually driven by illicit — not medical — use.” Likewise, “…according to the large, annually repeated and representative National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 75 percent of all opioid misuse starts with people using medication that wasn’t prescribed for them—obtained from a friend, family member or dealer.” The real problem is not chronic pain patients.

Part of the solution might be securing of potentially addictive medications under lock and key when used at home.

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