Dating a mehlin and sons piano

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Harry/Daphne - The ice queen is the perfect girl for Harry if he's a political power house or grey, I can't see them together it Harry's light or if he was weak.

Sirius/Remus - How can you not love them together, even in canon they are like the perfect pair!

Check out my Tumblr - Or you could just PM :)Hey guys, if you like my work, and I know at least some of you do, please please please check out my friends profile, it has some AWESOME LV/HP fics!

https:// I am English so you may find some of my spelling different because we in the UK like to do things our way XDI know that I have some grammar and spelling issues in my stories, but if you could over look them I do try my best and I am looking to review all my stories to comb through them for mistakes.

This will be my main place to post, so don't worry about that!

And eventually, all of my works will be posted over there too XD. IMPORTANT NOTICEI am one of the many ( there should be more) people that have IAOWHPD or the I Am Obsessed With Harry Potter Disorder.

My favourite pairings; Harry/Luna - Brilliant together.If I don't reply to a PM or review its most probably cause I am unable to use a laptop or computer so I apologize now!My favourite book/film in the world is Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban to be specific.I'm so happy that people take the time to read my stories and I wanna thank everyone who has taken the time to read them! Harry as they are my favourite but I may occasionally jot down some ideas for some light based ones.If I'm writing Twilight then it will generally be of Bella as a vampire because I personally think she makes a pretty pathetic human.

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