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If not, better get one real soon." The email was sent from [email protected] over the next two years, until February 9, 2009, Johnson used that account to send threatening emails to PRLDEF and other civil rights organizations, including the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the League of United Latin American Citizens, the National Council of La Raza ,and the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders. actually, they are already on the list"; "I am giving you fair warning that your presence and position is being tracked . Read the press releases: New Jersey Man Indicted for Threatening Employees of Latino Civil Rights Organizations (2/8/10)New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty to Threatening Employees of Latino Civil Rights Organizations (10/20/10)New Jersey Man Sentenced for Threatening Employees of National Latino Civil Rights Organizations ((4/18/11) On June 14, 2007, a federal jury in the Southern District of Mississippi convicted former Klansman James Ford Seale on federal conspiracy and kidnaping charges for his role in the 1964 abduction and murder of two 19-year-old African-Americans, Henry Dee and Charles Moore.Johnson's emails threatened violence and often referenced the organizations' assistance to Latinos, for example: "[i]f the idiots in the organizations which this e-mail is being copied to can't fathom the serious nature of their actions, then they will be on the hit list just like any illegal alien . Seale and several fellow members of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan kidnapped Dee and Moore, brutally beat them, bound them, and transported them across state lines.In January 2008, Syring pled guilty to interfering with the victims’ federally-protected employment activities. §241 (conspiracy) and was sentenced to three years probation. Joseph Kuzlik and David Fredericy lived in the Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio.In March 2008, while awaiting sentencing, Syring sent an email to a television station that had just run a program hosted by Mr. That email threatened that "the only good Arab was a dead Arab." The court ordered that Syring be detained pending sentencing for violating a provision of his conditions of release. According to many of Kuzlik’s African-American neighbors on East 50th Street, Kuzlik and Fredericy were known to harbor racial animus: they frequently referred to African-Americans using the N-word and calling them “monkeys.” Additionally, Fredericy and Kuzlik made statements to the effect that they did not want black children playing in the street, or even in a vacant lot two doors down from Kuzlik.

On August 16, 2007, Shaun Walker, the lead defendant, who was chairman of the National Alliance at the time of his indictment, was sentenced to 87-months imprisonment. In addition, environmental authorities tested the backpacks and shoes of two of the children who resided in the house and determined that the children had transported the mercury to their school. Kuzlik and Fredericy were also ordered to pay restitution of ,000 to the federal EPA, 7 to the Ohio EPA, and additional sums to the individual victims who suffered financial losses as a result of the offenses.

The prosecution team was awarded the 2008 Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service, the highest honor awarded to Department employees.

Read the press releases: Former Klansman, James Ford Seale Found Guilty for Role in 1964 Kidnapping and Murder of Two African-American Men Former Mississippi Klansman Sentenced to Three Life Terms in Prison for Role in 1964 Kidnapping and Murder of Two African-American Men Appeals Court Rejects Challenge to Conviction of Former Mississippi Klansman in 1964 Kidnapping and Murder of Two African American Men On May 8, 2008, Gary Eye and Steven Sandstrom were convicted for shooting and killing William Mc Cay, an African-American man, as he walked down the street in Kansas City, Missouri, on March 9, 2005.

Hate Crimes Interference with the Exercise of Religious Beliefs & Destruction of Religious Property Human Trafficking Interference with Access to Reproductive Health Care Official Misconduct In the evening hours of July 12, 2008, six members of the Shenandoah Valley, Pennsylvania, High School football team, approached Luis Ramirez in a park and assaulted him. Ramirez with a piece of metal called a "fist pack." Colin Walsh punched Mr. During the beating, the assailants repeatedly yelled racial epithets at Mr.

Ramirez in the face causing him to fall backwards to the ground, hitting his head. Ramirez and told him to leave Shenandoah and "go back to Mexico." As Mr.

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