Dating advice fear of abandonment

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Throughout history, animals and humans have always had a partner to grow with and to build a family with.

However, events throughout our lifetime, including our childhood, could contribute to this fear and even to the act of being abandoned.

Therefore, they are afraid to get close to them, and they are afraid to love them.

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What Is A Fear of Abandonment And What Does It Mean?

When this occurs, that child feels abandoned by their parent.

However, if this parent also comes and goes throughout the child's life, they may be fearful to trust that their parent is going to stay around, as when they begin to believe that they are staying, they leave again.

However, what this does is create a rift between them and their partner and will make their self-fulfilling prophecy come true because by living as though their relationship is ending the day in and day out, they end their relationship.

However, they do not blame themselves and usually do not see how they contributed to their relationship's ultimate demise.

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