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However, the name Grumbel's is a parody of real life department store Gimbels, which closed in 1987.It also suggests the word "grumble." Besides being in a generic, suburban mall the location of Grumbel's was initially kept ambiguous. January 10, 2010, it was revealed that this Grumbel's store is located in New England.In October 2011, it is revealed that she has had limited success with her writing.

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She vents her frustration by writing a retail manifesto railing against the idiocies of customers and management, which at last mention had grown to 200 pages.

Considering that the closest other qualified manager lives 73 miles away, Stuart has no other choice.

Despite the frustrations of Grumbels' usual corporate incompetence, Cooper finds this temporary responsibility a good experience considering that he is not only advancing his career, but he also does not have concern himself in this situation with sustaining the operation with profit margins in mind.

She is also a published creative writer and would eventually like to quit working at Grumbel's and write full-time.

In Halloween 2008, a week of strips focused on a short story she had written.

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