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I'm so sorry, cousin." Soon, Niko will receive a call from Little Jacob, explaining that he's found Pegorino's men and the final mission will commence when you meet him at Koresh Square in Alderney. On the way, she says that she wants Niko to abandon his criminal activities and violent lifestyle, and Niko happily agrees.Revenge " You fucking double-crossing immigrant shit! before shooting Kate on the wedding If you choose "Revenge" instead, Kate is happy that Niko "cut his ties " with Dimitri and tells him to pick her up for the wedding. Wear a suit from the safehouse, or buy one from Perseus to prepare for the wedding. When Niko and Kate arrive at the church, go into the yellow marker.Kate will wait with Bernie, Little Jacob, Brucie and Roman.If Niko scares or kills the guests, the mission will fail.

Go to an Internet café in the game and visit crap-list. Find the entry by "Liberated Woman" and click the "Contact" button to meet Alex. Bellic is the penultimate storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto IV and is the final mission given to Niko Bellic by Roman Bellic. It is the only mission after this decision which is common to both endings.Kate and Niko discuss the events of Blood Brothers during the Revenge storyline, but never use a specific name to refer to the bro ther killed, instead saying "your brother" or "my brother".This was likely done for convienience's sake, so as not to have to record two sets of dialogue for the mission, and for one that might not even be used at that.This is the only time where Kate appears outside of the Mc Reary missions.Packie Mc Reary and Dwayne Forge are the only friends of Niko who do not appear in this mission, as both have no association with Roman.

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