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This is thanks to the constant feedback from the users (and my lack of a social life). but no big deal.isn't looking for a real relationship.. Are you promoting this kind of propositioning on your site?

Hence, if YOU have a suggestion for the site, PLEASE do let me know. I simply created it because I CANNOT find any childfree places for singles.. but someone to pay half of everything, yet not share assets, but be prepared to service him whenever he wants... is created for singles who do NOT have or want kids.

I even had the site randomly display different graphic themes to try and make everybody happy but I received complaints about that also since people were getting confused.

Since this the site is 100% free, and actually costs me money to run, I unfortunately don't have the financial wherewithal to hire people to make the site how every person wants it.

There is NO charge for using any and all features of this website.

Once you register selecting a username/password, you will IMMEDIATELY be given the highest membership possible. You have instant access to ALL of the features of the website including sending messages, responding, knowing who read your email, etc.

Assuming I like it, and I can actually figure out a way to incorporate your suggestion, I will likely do so. Ironically, however, I get several people every day that create a profile, look around and doesn't see enough profiles, and then deletes their own profile... Instead, people should just leave their profile online (assuming they are single)... Some people on here are looking for just sex (and their profiles specifically state that unlike most other sites where people can't even be honest about what they are looking for). but you will have the automatic BS label put on your profile.

Then when you are, you can exchange phone numbers and even meet in person.

their profiles were almost a perfect fit involving the money/kid issues... but the guy also deleted his profile the same day saying 'not enough members'. If they just left their profiles online, perhaps they would have met. Ido NOTwant Kids.comdefinitely is NOT the site for you. Ido NOTwant Kids.comfor the rare few (like myself) who are VERY serious about finding that special someone andnot spending day/weeks/months online playing games. I don't agree with that either, but does that mean I should delete the female's profile also? Quite simply, Ido NOTwant is the world's only bullshit free, childfree, dating site. Anyway, here is the link for my animation (that most people disagree with): Everybody can join. Likewise, users can report other BS users so its only an amount of time before the BS profile gets found/deleted.

Quite frankly, there are tons of dating sites available. Furthermore, users can rate a users profile utilizing the "bullshit meter." I 100% understand about your skepticism. Ido NOTwant REALLY is a CHILDFREE site that is 100% free that has a zero tolerance for bullshit profiles. You can change your email addresson the "edit your profile" page.

If you decide to write back, simply click "reply", write your own note and send away.

Your note will go straight into the member's onsite Inbox, and we'll let them know it's there with an email to their personal email address.

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