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If the place isn't happy, but the hero is still made to believe it's real over his old life, it's a Cuckoo Nest. May overlap with cases of Artificial Afterlife, where the afterlife in question may take place in some digital paradise. The revelation that the events in the story are just an induced fantasy is often used as a major plot twist.May be used in conjunction with the "Leave Your Quest" Test to create The Final Temptation. If an entire society lives in one, it's a Terminally Dependent Society. The trope name comes from , where Odysseus meets a society living off narcotic plants, to the extent that anyone who eats of the lotus no longer cares about anything else, including going home. Sometimes the lotus-eater has no idea it's all fake. In order to escape, the dreamer has to figure out he's dreaming, if that isn't already known to him.

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May also be an exitless Happy Place or not-so-happy Ontological Mystery or Psychological Torment Zone.Dear Danielle, I am inquiring about a spot where you responded to a question thread earlier to a Captain Jack in regards to you breaking your arm at some point, if not mistaken at x-mas time involving roller blades.I am trying to confirm the name of your sister as from being on a dating site called Smartdate.Cut back to reality, where they're still under the thrall of the Machine.Often lends itself to aesops against spending all of your time in a virtual fantasy world.

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