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When I start dating someone, I’ll give up a little bit of that in-charge to someone who also has a say in what we do where, when, and how. But what’s not okay is giving up even more, quite a bit more, to something that can’t compromise at all. They can’t miss feedings, waterings, or bathroom breaks. The then current have a run for one’s money was suggestive of a determined struggle and subsequent victory or payoff.Today to give [someone] a run for his money means to make that person work for what would otherwise have been an easy victory.jockey for position To maneuver or compete within the ranks for an advantageous position; to manipulate or pull strings to gain a more favorable position.

In workplaces, employees want to avoid any behavior or choices that could potentially signal a conflict of interest.A conflict of interest causes an employee to experience a struggle between diverging interests, points of view, or allegiances.Conflicts of interest are generally forbidden in company codes of conduct and/or employee handbooks. (Actually happened and we had to take the dog, and our date, home.) Spontaneous weekend trip upstate? We’re already dealing with it being really, really hard to even meet new on our dating apps, and the older we get, the smaller the pool. Can’t, dog doesn’t deal with people, children, other dogs, or mildly scary-looking trash well. A single woman in New York feels out of control of her dating life enough without four additional legs and floppy ears having a vote at the table.

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