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But I also work 65-70 hours per week, I haven’t taken a day off in the past , and I run around frantically responding to messages and creating content every day. Narrowing Down a Very Broad Question You have to narrow down this question a bit because the impact of money depends on: If you go into the finance industry and do reasonably well for 10-15 years, these three conditions represent the most likely outcome for you. Money Your behavior will change in dozens of ways as you approach this level, but there’s one overarching change that explains everything else: You start valuing .This mindset makes sense if you have a regular job or something that pays you a fixed salary: you earn the same amount regardless of how you use your time, and even if you work more, you won’t get paid more… If you’re outside that “normal job” bucket, though, and particularly if you’re in a role like entrepreneurship, sales, or investing, where there’s unlimited upside, your mindset is quite different.Finally, if you want to become wealthy one day, you need to start thinking like people who have already done it. Sure, there are the Rich Kids of Instagram, but you won’t exactly find thoughtful discussion there.If you the same way as people who have “made it,” people will assume that you’ve also made it… You’re visualizing the outcome, which will make it easier to achieve the goal. If you’ve read my life story before, you know my history: my family never made more than -70K per year, and I graduated university with over 0K of debt.More than , I hate waiting in line or having “dead time” where I can’t work, read, or do anything useful.Since I’ve started valuing my time more, I’ve also done a better job of tracking it.In other words, how much of a difference in your life does money make?I’m going to break this one down today, and explain how money changes your life and your mindset – and I’ll tell you some stories of how my behavior has changed over the years. First and foremost, you have to know what you’re getting into. Or is it better to take a lower-paying, but a more rewarding job that gives you more free time?

I’ve also made other tweaks over the past few years as a direct result of this changed mindset: These policies cost us money, but they preserve my sanity and also help our readers and potential customers.

If I’m visiting Buenos Aires and I see a place that’s cheap but far from Palermo, I’ll pick a more expensive place in Palermo; I want to spend my time working or drinking wine, not commuting.

Key Takeaways: This point is why I encourage you to pitch yourself as offering to bankers.

As a result, I was very focused on making money – far more so than students without debt, and far more so than (most) students from wealthier backgrounds. I got into a high-paying field (investment banking), and then quit and started this business, which has become quite successful.

I paid off all my debt, I saved up more than most retirees, I travel all the time, and I don’t pay much attention to my daily spending.

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