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Traditionally, citizens do not need a permit to sell goods on the street on Queen’s Day which is why the streets turn into a giant flea market. New king Willem-Alexander has decided to rename it and shift it forward three days to his birthday on April 27. Eating oliebollen – deep-fried donuts – on New Year’s Eve One habit which foreigners seem to be very quick to adopt. The carnival festivities – complete with lavishly decorated floats, oompah-oompah music and LOTS of beer – hit the streets in February.And although traditionally a festivity for the Catholic south, the party is slowly spreading northwards.Forget the fact the fish were caught by massive trawlers and have been in freezers for weeks.This is why fishmongers advertise their supplies as being ‘fresh from the knife’.I’d love to impart my wisdom on other fellow expats on how to make Dutch female friends.I guarantee that it will make your stay in the Netherlands no matter how short, or long a worthwhile experience.You cannot get more Dutch than eating one – especially when the Hollandse Nieuwe hit the shops.The start of the new herring season is always a major media circus.

Then on December 5, if you are lucky, he will visit you at home with his big book and tell you whether you have been good or bad. Now, this is liberal Holland and is part of Dutch culture and its all those foreigners trying to be politically correct and get rid of honest Dutch traditions.Here are my 7 fool-proof (Dutch approved) tips on making Dutch female friends: (We were in Ghent celebrating a friend’s bachelorette party.It also coincided with Ghent Day and we had to pretend that we were Belgians.At dusk on November 11 (the day the Saint officially died), children go from house to house carrying lanterns and singing songs in return for sweets.Every year there are stories in the newspapers about children who have had their sweets stolen from them. Eating herring Calling raw herring Dutch sushi won’t fool anyone.

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