Efficiently updating materialized views

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The problem is keeping the materialized view refreshed, and refreshing materialized views has always been resource-intensive and problematic.The problem with materialized view for pre-joined tables is keeping them current with the refresh mechanism.With multitier materialized views, you can create materialized views based on other materialized views, which enables you to distribute user load to an even greater extent because clients can access materialized view sites instead of master sites.

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Materialized views enable you to replicate data based on column- and row-level subsetting, while multimaster replication requires replication of the entire table.Also see my important general notes on tuning materialized views.Materialized Views are a wonderful tool for reducing repetitive I/O and they are a true silver bullet under certain circumstances.Materialized views are updated through an efficient batch process from a single master site or master materialized view site.They have lower network requirements and dependencies than multimaster replication because of the point in time nature of materialized view replication.

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