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Back matter is paginated in arabic numerals continuously with the text.Blank leaves may be included at the end to make up a full section.

Synonymous with In pictorial art, the parts of a scene that appear to lie in the distance, behind figures and objects in the foreground.

A flexible or hollow back is preferable because it allows the volume to open flat. In telecommunication, the portion of a physical network that covers the longest distance and handles the heaviest traffic.

To operate at the highest possible transmission speed, it must be constructed of cable that provides maximum bandwidth.

On the Internet, regional networks are connected to the fiber-optic backbone, smaller networks are connected to regional networks, and so on, down the line.

To see examples for various countries, try a keywords search on the phrase "internet and backbone" in To make a document or transaction effective from a date earlier than its actual date, for example, a book order given a prior date with the publisher's permission, to allow the purchaser to qualify for an expired discount.

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