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This ethos is embodied by William Hundert (Kevin Kline), a career boarding school man, who has taught Roman history to generations of boys at St. On his bucolic campus, the dream of keeping things the way they always were seems within reach.

So insulated is this world that contemporary pop culture causes not even a ripple on the campus's idyllic pond.

Needless to say, The Emperor's Club never acknowledges that the moral order in the United States has always been a fiction.

It never dares to critique, for example, the unfairness of the very boarding school system that St.

This moral lapse on Hundert's part looks like a result of his desire to encourage potential rather than to favor the most privileged of the privileged boys, but it is an error he will long regret.

Bell does not win the contest -- that honor goes to Deepak Mehta (Rishi Mehta) -- but he answers enough questions to impress his peers and his father.

In one scene, a '70's rock song plays while Hundert, still in white shirt and tie, puts the boys to bed. The music stops at the very stroke of , the boys' designated bedtime.

Humbly satisfied, Hundert smiles and turns off the hall light.

But, while Dead Poets Society celebrated individuality and self-expression, condemning the ways that traditional thinking can crush a young spirit, The Emperor's Club has an anti-liberal dagger hidden in its cloak.

Yes, the film not so subtly argues, the good old way of thinking, if given another chance, can be just as good for the new, multi-cultural world as it was for the old white male version.

William Hundert is a passionate and principled Classics professor who finds his tightly-controlled world shaken and inexorably altered when a new student, Sedgewick Bell, walks into his classroom.

Benedict's in order to teach the very same material in the very same way.

Suddenly, the classroom is a veritable melting pot of race and gender.

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