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The way in which the national events are celebrated also varies from place to place.Most festivities are of religious base, mainly Catholic.Belgium and Luxembourg thereby had the same customs tariff and a single balance of payments since 1921.Belgium and Luxembourg had bilaterally formed an economic union in 1921; plans for a customs union of the three countries were made in the London Customs Convention in September 1944 and became operative in 1948.Postal and transport rates were standardized, and welfare policies were coordinated. The day-to-day operations of Benelux are conducted by the Secretariat-General; the executive authority of the organization rests with the Committee of Ministers, which meets quarterly.Benelux was once regarded as a promising experiment by which neighbouring countries would form customs unions that might then merge into wider economic unions.Much of Spanish life is lived in the streets and the atmosphere is especially vibrant at fiesta time.On a warm evening the street cafes and bars can fill to capacity as people sit and relax.

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This may be seen as lazy, but when the Spanish work, they work hard.

By 1956 nearly all of the internal trade of the union was tariff-free. 3, 1958, the Treaty of the Benelux Economic Union was signed; it became operative in 1960.

Benelux became the first completely free international labour market; the movement of capital and services was also made free.

The principal table wines are the Riojas and Valdepeñas, named after the regions in which they are produced.

In general, Rioja, from the region around Logroño in the northeast, resembles the French Bordeaux, though it is less delicate.

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