Excel charts not updating

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They are still the same as they were before the worksheet was changed.I can only get them to update by making an adjustment to the source data series in the chart itself (any adjustment will do - it seems to be the simple act of changing something that triggers the update).press record and then do the actions myself and then stop recording? Not sure if this matters in this situation, but do you have the formula calculation set to automatic?Go to the Formula tab and, on the far right, click Calculation Options and make sure the check-mark is next to Automatic.

However sometimes (randomly) the charts do not update.__________________ He who knows much about others may be learned, but he who understands himself is more intelligent.He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.I was hoping one of you guys might take pity and help, espeically if you've heard of this before?I've created a dashboard which should allow a user to specify a time period (data validation), which updates a data table from which 7 graphs read from.

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