Female celebrities dating younger guys

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Lots of young people do what you did at your age and did not become gay or lesbian permanently. See where that leads and also see if you develop any feelings for your friend beyond sexual curiosity.

You will probably have a better idea of your preference in a year or two. I told him that I used to before, but I don't anymore because I have him.

Answers marked with have been critically reviewed by an anonymous female correspondent.In fact, from birth to age 11 is the only time in life that more girls than boys are masturbating.There is nothing wrong with fantasizing about sex and being pregnant.Allowing yourself to vocalize (scream, moan, utter words) at orgasm will also help you reach a fuller orgasm. I have a sort of fascination with sex and being pregnant, and I imagine it in my head sometimes. Is there a good way I can tell my parents about this?(age 11) Lots of girls your age are already masturbating.

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