Hard of hearing dating

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do you really want to waste time with a guy who makes such a thing a problem? As far as "when," I'd say let them discover it and ask.I wouldn't exactly think hearing aids would be a possitive thing, but I would have no problems dating a person who were using them. It would just be something that describes who you are more than defines you as a person. If you put emphasis on it, you're the one making a big deal about it, you know?Personality is such a higher priority and ultimately determines whether something will work or not. I was thinking about that as I wrote it, wondering if I was going to get it right and freak you out, haha!

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I friends back home, I made new friends here (read: not anti-social), and of course I have an amazing family. Not because I don't let it, but really because it hasn't. Before the date (with the risk that you'll turn me down) or after our first date (so that you get to see that I'm a cool girl)? I really laughed at your "Beats" style hearing aids... I have regular hearing aids that are not so apparent, plus I have long hair so they are usually hidden... So what do you think, should I had a mention on my online dating profile, or not? Sure that men would message more if they thought they could get you.

I'm here for a little advice and encouragement: I'm hard of hearing and don't know how to approach this "issue" with men. I'm an independant woman with a great career in New York. I've been wanting to date again and it's my first time at online dating. When would be the best moment for me to tell you that I wear hearing aids? That's part of who I am and I decided that at 34 year old, I need to embrace it. Unless the hearing aids looked like you are wearing beats by dre headphones you should not have a problem. I'm not embarrassed by my accent though, living in NY, everyone has one!

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