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Stories like these make us wonder if Land Rover has really thought through the predicaments that real off-road users encounter.

The pervasive computerization of the vehicles has led to a "mother hen" approach which definitely works against us when something goes wrong out in the field.

Also, its failure mode is more often the "Air Suspension Inactive" message accompanied by the system being frozen at normal height, which is nowhere near as bad as on the bump stops.

Unfortunately in spite of these improvements I have heard a fair share of horror stories.

In the US, Atlantic British sells the Autologic system -- see this page on their website.

To my knowledge manuals for the latest model Rovers are no longer available in paper form, unfortunately. On the good side, the new documentation is more comprehensive than the old paper manuals, and the expense is well worth while.The system diagnosed this as slippery condition (ice !) and disabled the car (protected the driver from himself) going more than this famous 30 km/h.Computer Code Access/Testbook Equivalents: To access the fault codes and other information for such systems as the air suspension, cruise control, transmission, ABS/traction control, and other non-engine systems the (expensive) dealer Test Book/T4 is now available to non-dealer buyers as a standard Land Rover part.Cheaper substitutes in the ,000-10,000 ballpark are the Autologic Diagnosis System and the Rovacom system, both from the UK.

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