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For example, if you are switching from The plan to Talk n Text 1200, you must first load the Talk n Text 1200 PIN to your account.Upon submittal, the Talk n Text 1200 PIN will stack on your account until the renewal date of The plan, at which time your account will switch to the Talk n Text 1200.Switching to a Lower Plan To switch to a lower plan, you must first load the PIN of the lower plan to your account.When switching to a lower plan, the loaded PIN will stack on the account until the renewal date of the current plan, at which time the plan will switch.

While we strive to eliminate any problems or inconveniences, we are always ready to help you with any issue. To use our 4G services you will need to get a compatible 4G LTE device, as well as a Page Plus 4G SIM card.Unfortunately, we do NOT provide support for visual voice mail. The first is to simply dial #738 from your Page Plus phone, and enter in your password when prompted.The second way is to call your mobile phone from a different phone.Should you need us, we hope one of these methods to contact us fits your needs. The account will also need to be on a qualifying monthly plan of .00/month or higher. If you have a 4G device that has been “flashed,” or reprogrammed, to work on 3G, then you will need to check with whomever flashed the device to see if they can “unflash” it back to 4G.We welcome inquiries from potential Page Plus customers as well as from our existing customers. Devices made for any other network cannot be used with Page Plus 4G LTE services. How do I know which phones will work with Page Plus 4G LTE service? The first step of the Activation process requires you to enter the ESN, MEID or IMEI of your device.

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