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Mrs Easton watches Peter Lee-Warner set off on his ride to Australia most popular clip-on cyclemotors, producing up to some 50,000 units over a period of nearly 11 years.Despite seeing Power Paks at occasional events, the standard base model is the one that is much more commonly encountered, and we really wanted to produce a comprehensive feature which covered both models, so the key to producing this article would be getting access to a Synchromatic first.It’s an e-magazine all about cyclemotors, autocycles and mopeds that carries road test & feature articles, rally reports, free adverts and other assorted information.

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Italian designer Bruno Fargion also seemed to have had some involvement in the cyclemotor design and development, before moving on to Dunkley to produce their two-speed, four-stroke engine variants from 46–65.Joe Williams’s ‘New Standard’ went through road test and photo-shoot in mid-May 2018, and Joe informed us that he’d found an earlier video on You Tube of his actual Power Pak in a former life, titled ‘Powerpak and trailer1’ dated 28th January 2009, filmed at Felixstowe Ferry and towing an interesting home-made aluminium bodied trailer.Joe had bought his Power Pak from Felixstowe Ferry in 2016, but sadly the quirky trailer no longer seemed to be with it.It’s purely an enthusiast production, and all produced on a tiny budget.Nevertheless, we think you’ll be pretty impressed The free downloadable version will be posted on this website on the same day as the printed version goes on sale.

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