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You can still see the video slideshows on youtube though.Polen Das uns stammesfremde, uns zahlenmig am strksten berhrende polnische Volk ist rassisch stark gemischt.This is the most talented people in Europe as still living in extremely difficult political circumstances, made ​​a name for himself a great sense life, unparalleled anywhere. as far as Danzig and Konigsberg is concerned it should be neutral to both countries and independant, But I firmly beleive Poland should seek to claim Konigsberg as a repiration from the Russians for soviet occupation in doing that an alliance between Polish and German nationalists may be secured. Poles fighting with Germans against judeo-bolshevism makes sense to me.Based on recent research, Reichsrassenamt powadzonych by German scholars came to believe that the Poles should be assimilated into German society as a racially valuable. -Northernwulf Poles are strong members of our European family. (have been told this 2nd pic was also taken in Poland, but not sure ...) Yes, it's in Poland in September 1939 according to the Bundesarchive.Find out how to flirt with a guy or girl online at and spend your date in the pleasant company of like-minded mates.Why don’t you start dating people with the same desires today?The perfect time for making changes in your personal life had finally arrived!You may have read stories about how meeting strangers can be risky or even dangerous.

There used to be a website with a large amount of images of Poland during the German occupation, all gone now.

authorities found after the war in one of the bunkers Frankfurt secret memorial to Adolf Hitler Heinrich Himmler, March 4, 1944. Hitler o Polakach | Although the articles showing this new peace of information call him anti-Hitler names such as criminal (which is to be expected from the media anyways) it still does not deflect what he said about Poles. I seriously think you have problems reading text when I read your replies.

Poles in my opinion, and based on observations and reports from the General Government, are the only nation in Europe that combines high intelligence with cunning unheard. Poles are indeed intelligent they at least the western part of the country have much in common with Germans, They are hard workers and valuable allies if a pan European movement is to succeed, Hitler seen this many forget he was first and foremost a Germanic Nationalist and pan European last.

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