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Color taps into the most unconscious part of our brain.We see the color red and we get more excited - our heartbeat, completely subconsciously, starts beating faster.The human eye is naturally attracted to contrasting color.This can have either negative or positive effects depending on the color.How you can use it: Green: Associated with wealth as well as environmental subjects, green is the easiest color for the eye to process.Green also signifies positive action (think,’green means go’) and affirmation.Many of these responses are influenced by location, so remember that everything in this article is based on findings within North America, the UK, Western Europe and Australia.

How you can use it: Orange: Eye-catching, bright and sunny, orange is one of the most popular colors for landing page Calls-to-Action.Interestingly, as women get older, their liking for the color purple increases.On the other hand, purple is the favorite color of 0% of the male population. I recommend the use of borders if your image is dull or, as is the case with this one, doesn’t have an existing square edge. Is there actually going to be an effect if your advertising campaign employs blue and silver vs. This article will explore the science and psychology behind Facebook advertising.I’ll provide you with real-world examples of current Facebook Ads and give you concrete, meaningful takeaways that could mean the difference between a successful ad and a flop.

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