Invalidating cache at path

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When to clear the cache for tabular models Tabular models are generally stored in memory, where aggregations and other calculations are performed at the time a query is executed.As such, the Clear Cache command has a limited effect on tabular models.For a tabular model, data may be added to the Analysis Services caches if MDX queries are run against it.In particular, DAX measures referenced by MDX and autoexists operations can cache results in the formula cache and dimension cache respectively.

Dimension queries occur when querying unnatural hierarchies and when applying autoexists.

Clearing the cache requires that you provide an object identifier to the Clear Cache statement in an XMLA query.

The first step in this topic explains how to get an object identifier.

For both multidimensional and tabular models, clearing some of these caches can be a two-step process that consists of invalidating the cache when Clear Cache executes, followed by emptying the cache when the next query is received.

A reduction in memory consumption will be evident only after the cache is actually emptied.

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