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These women only engage in the negative behaviors associated with this disorder in their relationships.And there are some women with personality traits associated with BPD who don’t engage in these negative behaviors at all.Linehan emphasizes that this theory is not yet supported by empirical evidence but the value of the technique does not depend on the theory being correct since the clinical effectiveness of DBT does have empirical research support.In this blog post we are going to be answering a very important question.Neither is she helped to cope with situations that she may find difficult or stressful, since such problems are not acknowledged.It may be expected then that she will look to other people for indications of how she should be feeling and to solve her problems for her.Any failure on the part of the child to perform to the expected standard is therefore ascribed to lack of motivation or some other negative characteristic of her character.(The feminine pronoun will be used throughout this paper when referring to the patient since the majority of BPD patients are female and Linehan’s work has focused on this subgroup).

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But in order to predict whether a woman will engage in these behaviors before a relationship commitment it may be necessary to recognize them in what we will be labeling for the purposes of this blog post their dormant phase.Dialectical Behavior Therapy is based on a bio-social theory of borderline personality disorder.Linehan hypothesizes that the disorder is a consequence of an emotionally vulnerable individual growing up within a particular set of environmental circumstances which she refers to as the .Can a man who has been through a breakup with a woman with traits of BPD, or borderline personality disorder, recognize the traits in the next woman he dates so he can ensure he never has to repeat this experience again.The answer to this question is actually much more complicated than a simple yes or no.

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