Is paul butcher dating anyone

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Dexter goes after the one in protection and beats him, but resists the urge to kill him.

Later, the man finds him when Lila gives him the address. Dexter tracks him to his cabin and decides that he is who he is, so he kills him.

Dexter refuses to go back to NA, so Rita breaks up with him.

One of the men who killed her is in jail, one dead, and the other in the witness protection program.

She also breaks into Rita's house, and finally kidnaps Astor and Cody and brings them to her apartment.

Dexter finds them there and Lila locks him and the kids in her house and sets the place on fire.

Dexter is shattered by this reveal but ends up having a closer relationship with Debra, who lives with him for several months because she can't sleep alone after discovering The Ice Truck Killer was her boyfriend.

Rita discovers that something is going on with Dexter and assumes drugs.

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