Jack nicholson and diane keaton dating

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The child star was sent straight into the limelight with this role.The role, along with his status as a teen idol, resulted in a combination career as a musician and television actor.Michael, Tito, Marlon, Jermaine, and Jackie were the five siblings that made up The Jackson Five.Under the guidance of their father and band manager Joe Jackson, the boys were signed underneath Motown after a short contract with Steeltown Records.Since 2008, when David publicly admitted that he struggled with alcoholism, he was arrested twice and charged with driving under the influence.He has 2 children, one of them being Katie Cassidy – an actress who has starred in the Nightmare On Elm Street reboot and on the Gossip Girl series.

Every girl back then had a major crush on this feather-haired young man.The 1970s were an incredible time when it came to the world of entertainment. As recently as the 1930s, not everyone in the country had a radio.Meanwhile, very few people were able to afford televisions.He released several albums before returning to film and television in the 90s.His career really did manage to stand the test of time…mostly.

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