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in the hundreds of years) biblical chronologies depends on which Old Testament version is used.

As with most Protestant bibles today, Ussher relied on the , while locating Creation (in 4064 BC) almost simultaneously to the Masoretic text, moves the Flood back to around 2800 BC (or about 450 years prior to Masoretic calculations).

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This dating was endorsed by William Jennings Bryan, a former American secretary of state and two-time Democratic presidential nominee, in courtroom testimony in the third decade of the twentieth century.Arkansas Board of Education • Missouri House Bill 1227 • Santorum Amendment • School vouchers • Teach the controversy • Tennessee monkey bill • Thomas More Law Center • Truth in Science • Model academic freedom statute on evolution • Text of Arkansas Balanced Treatment for Creation-Science and Evolution-Science Act • Text of Missouri House Bill 1226 • Text of Missouri House Bill 1227 • Text of Tennessee House Bill 368 • Text of the Butler Act • Text of the Louisiana Academic Freedom Act • Text of the Santorum Amendment • Abuz Zubair • Aimee Semple Mc Pherson • Alan Clifford • Alan Hayward • Alan Keyes • Alan O'Reilly • Alex Jones • American Thinker • Andrea Minichiello Williams • Andrew Schlafly • Ann Coulter • Anthony Peake • Anthony Powell • Arthur Robinson • B. Deutsch • Glenn Beck • Got Questions • Grant Jeffrey • Grover Norquist • Hank Hanegraaff • Harun Yahya • Hugh Dower • Hugh Ross • Humans Are Free • Ian Juby • Ian Paisley • Issac Bourne • J. Nelson • Paul Broun • Philip Snow • Presents Of God Ministry • Ray Comfort • Richard Kent • Richard William Nelson • Rick Perry • Rick Santorum • Robert E. Clark • Robert Mc Luhan • Ron Paul • Ron Wyatt • Ross Mc Kitrick • Roy Moore • Roy Spencer • Rush Limbaugh • Russ Miller • Sam Brownback • Sarah Palin • Scott Huse • Shaun Johnston • Sheik Feiz Muhammad • Shockofgod • Stephen E.Jones • Steve Fuller • Steve Milloy • Steven Anderson • Steven Crowder • Sye Ten Bruggencate • Ted Cruz • Ted Holden • The April and Wayne Show • The Vigilant Christian • Theodore Beale • Thomas E.Ussher’s date of creation of October 23, 4004 BC appears to rely upon two questionable assumptions.One assumption concerns conformity with an expected 6000 years of history.

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