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It would be useful to find out why products of disintegration of radon deposit on the skin while taking radon baths.It turn out to be a true sign that at this moment radon gets into body through mucous, lungs, skin and has a positive effect on the whole organism.

Rooms in the sanatorium have all conveniences, including TVs and balconies. There are balconies, furniture, made of natural wood, cozy soft furniture, TV-sets, satellite TV, tableware set. For example, there is a club, café-bar, library, gym, volleyball ground, run track, sauna, billiards, tennis. Its radon carbonate chloride- calcium- sodium water has not just been well known for a long time, it is successfully used in medical – sanitary practice as wonder-working healer of many ailments and diseases.Locomotive system: osteochondrosis of vertebral column, deforming osteochondrosis, Bechterew`s disease, reactive arthritis, traumatic injuries of bones and joints, diseases of abarticular soft tissues, Raynaud`s disease and Raynaud`s syndrome; Burn disease (rehabilitation of after-burn patients with prevail affection of the skin, rehabilitation of patients with after-burn deformations, hypertrophic scars, psychological correction of after-burn patients; The miraculous water from the Khmelnik resort sources has great salubrious power.For better efficiency, patients are given various radon baths – ordinary, with underwater massage, Jacuzzi.For patients who need vertebral column traction, there is a swimming pool of natural spine traction in radon water.

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