La mayor dating ktla lou parker

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On four separate occasions, Fox News Channel offers retractions on inaccurate reports made throughout the week regarding Muslims in Europe, primarily locations in England and France avoided by non-Muslims because Islamic law supposedly supersedes the local laws.

Plenty of people will argue that in this post-Clinton/Gingrich era, political sex scandals don’t have the same career-killing power they once had.On Wednesday, just couple of days after it was revealed that Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was dating yet another local TV newscaster – this one a former Miss USA – the mayor told reporters that Californians don’t have any real interest in his personal life and that it won’t have any influence on whether or not he runs for governor next year.The reporter, Lu Parker of KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, isn’t talking and a spokesman for the mayor’s office says there won’t be any comment on what the mayor does in his private time.It was just about two years ago that Villaraigosa admitted to having a long-running affair with Mirthala Salinas, a journalist who reported on the then-very-much-married mayor for a Los Angeles Spanish-language television station.The clip of her reporting that the mayor and his wife of 20 years were getting a divorce was an instant classic.

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