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Wires are not affected by lava so don't worry about damaging them.

Activate the timer either by right clicking it or attaching it to something else like a lever.

You start by placing the inlet pump at the bottom of where you want the wall the be and the outlet pump as far above it as you want the wall's height to be.

It makes use of the new 1.1 mechanics so you will need a bucket of lava (or more depending on the height you are trying to cover), an Inlet Pump, an Outlet Pump, a Wrench and some Wire, and a 1 Second Timer.When you want to activate your trap remove the bottom torch and all stacks of sand will fall and damage enemies.A simple trap consisting of a boxed off area with 1 or more Wood Platforms on the floor of the trap.These traps are good for home defense during goblin invasions as they can be left unattended and visited later to collect the treasure.This trap is similar to the basic lava trap but instead of spanning a horizontal distance it will cover a vertical space.

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