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Lender Match events that are hosted by the Small Business Administration (SBA) are a wonderful resource for small businesses to meet lenders in one location.

A one stop source with over 15 lenders available to pitch your business lending needs; CDC’s like PCDfc, local and other financial institutions.

Day after the celebration of Candlemasalso known as Groundhog Daythey may see a photograph or two of grown men in long swallow-tail coats and top hats as they solemnly carry a stuffed groundhog into a dinner meeting place.

They may read about a prophecy of the groundhog regarding the length or brevity of the winter season, as well as its severity. U of North Carolina P, Written by Smith in Virginia, this document contains the first appearance of Pocahontas in the historical record but no mention of the rescue.

Mull with rape, false imprisonment, strangulation and related charges in connection to the alleged attack inside a Holiday Inn Express in the block of Cherry Lane.

They may even think it is sheer stupidity to venerate a stuffed animal as the symbol of a lodge. Using animals for weather prognostication purposes is a deeply rooted, worldly and socially accepted tradition, dating back to prehistoric and ancient civilizations. Powhatan treats the captive Smith with "kindness," and he is sent back to Jamestown without incident. Transactions and Collections of the American Antiquarian Society 4 This account by the first president of the Virginia council mentions Smith's captivity and freedom but not the Pocahontas rescue episode -- another piece of evidence for those who question Smith's veracity.

Editor Deane, for instance, determines the rescue an "embellishment" that never happened.

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