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This is evident from the fact that many men, solely by reason of their insignificant members, are, as far as coition is concerned, objects of aversion to women, who likewise entertain the same sentiment with regard to those whose cocks are soft, nerveless, and relaxed.Their whole happiness consists in the use of robust and strong cocks.I’ve eaten my own and smeared it on my body too and would like to experience it with a fellow filthy fat guy. I want to find a young girl (teenage or early twenties) to live with me and become my personal toilet. I am a little pig with a toilet for my favorite place to get abused or anything taboolos with my owner or strangers my owner invited….In return for your services, you’ll want for nothing. I am new to this site and hope to find an appropriate partner. I want to meet a similar group or organization where I can get totally and dirty usage of my holes and my name will be shown clearly and adress , so we will have a big horde of perverts standing in lines waiting to abuse me ❤ Will travel to all of the cities for a pigtoilet to serve in. Scat Singles is a free scat dating site that allows you to submit your own scat personal ad to hook up with others that like shit play, eating shit, vomit / puke, blood play and more.The translation of the title is The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight (al-rawd al-‘âtir fî nuzhat al-khâtir), which was used by the wonderful, and sadly missed dj John Peel for his pirate radio show in the 1960’s.The book presents opinions on what qualities men and women should have to be attractive, gives advice on sexual technique, warnings about sexual health, and recipes to remedy sexual maladies. Not able to meet on less than 1 hours notice unless I’m already in the vicinity. I may be in town, heading to town, or just leaving town. I do not set same day visits by email as I usually don’t check them for several hours or the next day.

Another way is to bruise leeches with oil, and rub the verge with this ointment; or, if it is preferred, the leeches may be put into a bottle, and, thus enclosed, buried in a warm dung-hill until they are dissolved into a coherent mass and form a sort of liniment, which is used for repeatedly anointing the cock. One may likewise take rosin and wax, mixed with tubipore, asphodel, and cobbler’s glue, with which mixture rub the cock, and the result will be that its dimensions will be enlarged.

The efficacy of all these remedies is well known, and I have tested them.

al-rawd al-‘âtir fî nuzhat al-khâtir by Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Nafzawi is a fifteenth-century Arabic sex manual and work of erotic literature.

Procure one and boil it, together with onions and a large quantity of corn.

With this dish feed fowls, which you eat afterwards.

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