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Burgoyne’s office, though, received a teletyped alert that a tractor trailer stocked with Stroh’s beer was hijacked in Huntington, transported to Bridgeport, and then hidden away in a few different garages in East Wheeling.Burgoyne, local law enforcement, and the state police found the stashed brew and even those who perpetrated the crime, but they could not make a direct connection to “No Legs.” “He was smart, Paul Hankish was,” Burgoyne admitted.“No one was supposed to talk, but the operation attracted so much more attention because of the drugs. The coke was bad enough, but everyone wanted those pills.I always thought all quaaludes led to was people having sex at night and then immediately regretting it in the morning.” But once Hankish was jailed, there was no one to follow as “No Legs” did Lias.Following his death in 1970, “No Legs” Hankish took over, and his reach extended into western Pennsylvania, East Ohio, to Point Pleasant, and reportedly beyond.

Not about the illegal poker machines, or about the bookies, or about the drugs, or about the prostitutes, and not about the murders. The only reason these members of the organized crime ring that once existed in Wheeling are now discussing such things with me came with the following conditions: no recording of the conversations; and complete anonymity. Because they are the only ones still alive, these former bookies say, and even the dead have family members still seeking vengeance because they think someone took something away from their lives. We both knew where to go and where not to go, and we knew many men whom we refer to as “in the game.” We knew the names and the faces from working at places like Elby’s and Wheeling Downs and from patronizing establishments like the Esquire and the Sportsman’s and the Flamingo.They didn’t take all of it, but they took the bulk of it.” It was Jan.17, 1964, when a 32-year-old Hankish got into his Studebaker outside his Richland Avenue house in Warwood. Edgar Hoover in June 1967, and it took him only three days to hear the name Hankish, and he would follow the rumors and tips and evidence for nearly 30 years before finally bringing the federal charges against him. And the mob, as it was organized under Lias and Hankish, was gone.“We still had some of the machines, the books, and some of the drugs, and that was enough.No one wanted to get involved like that again, and then (the state of) West Virginia legalized the machines so they could get their share.

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