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Even if it seems she’s not interested, hand her that piece of paper, you will be surprised how often you will get a text.

You Can Sleep With 1 to 4 Filipino Girls a Day I have slept with 4 new Filipino girls in one day multiple times. If you are in the Philippines to just have a good time, use all of these strategies and you will have the time of your life.

This may shock some of you guys coming from Western countries.

The down side to Filipino girls is that they can be quite boring at time especially when they ask you what you are eating every day. I have been all over Asia and no other country comes close.

Because as a foreigner, your value is so high, night game in the Philippines is easy.

From there you just want to get the number and set up a date and a time.

If you want to find a Filipino virgin, it’s not difficult, just start doing some day game.

How to do day game: My day game strategy is simple, I walk around until I see an attractive girl.

Then, you want to approach and say “Hi.” This simple approach has gotten me a lot of lays.

If you are in the Philippines to find a wife or a girlfriend, meeting girls online and in night game may not be the best way (although you can find good girls in these places).

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